5 Egg Packed Lunch Ideas for Back to School

Don’t give in to the pressure of packing lunches now that it’s time to send your little angels back to school! Here are our top 5 suggestions for egg-based packed lunches. Each one is simple to prepare and will aid in ensuring that your children have consistent energy levels throughout the school day.


Our Top 5 Recipes for Packed Lunches using Lunds Eggs

  1. Cupcakes with ham and Lunds eggs

These ham and egg cupcakes are a quick and simple savoury snack that can be made in either regular cupcake covers or a non-stick muffin tray. They are naturally gluten free. By including your favourite extras, such sweetcorn or finely sliced bell peppers, you can experiment with fresh flavours.

  1. Cookies made with no flour

These flourless, dairy-free, and gluten-free oatmeal cookies are soft and chewy. By swapping sugar for honey and including some flaming raisins, you may play around with the flavours.

  1. Eggs Baked in Bread Bowls

The greatest accompaniment for these baked egg bread bowls is something little and particularly crispy, like a tiger bread roll. Kids will adore the novelty of these edible bowls, and there will be a lot less clean-up afterwards! Try using baked potato skins for the bread for a wheat- and gluten-free option.

  1. Boiled Eggs

For this one, there is no elaborate recipe! The hardboiled egg is one of our favourite pocket snacks, despite how straightforward it is. Put your eggs in a pot with just enough water to cover them, bring to a boil, and then simmer for either 5 or 6 minutes. After letting it cool, slice it, season it, and then place it into an airtight container.

  1. Toasted Baked Cauliflower

These delicious baked cauliflower tots are a wonderful way to add some vegetables to kid’s lunchboxes. Cauliflower is a very adaptable ingredient. The night before, prepare a large batch, let it cool, and then put it into little containers with a batch of ketchup.


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