Double Yolk??

Have you ever cracked open an egg and found TWO yolks? Lucky you!! Eggs with 2 yolks are said to bring good fortune.

How does this work?
Eggs are formed in the hen’s reproductive system. Each day a yolk is released from the hen’s ovary, and over 26 hours turns into an egg as it passes through the structure. Young hens, who haven’t fully settled into a laying cycle will sometimes release two yolks at the same time. In simpler terms – a yolk will get stuck in the reproductive system until the next day when another yolk pushes through.

Does a double yolk mean double the nutrition?
Not quite! Each of the yolks are smaller than a fully formed single yolk. The exact nutritional information of a double yolk varies slightly, but it is likely similar to that of a jumbo egg.


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