Easter Traditions Around the World

How do different countries celebrate Easter?

A popular holiday that is celebrated between the end of March and April, Easter is about more than brightly coloured eggs and decorative items. Let’s look at some of the Easter Traditions that communities around the world use to celebrate this holiday.

Egg Rolling
In Washington DC, in the USA, the White House celebrates Easter by hosting an annual Egg Roll, wherein children race eggs down the White House lawn. This celebration has been hosted for more than 130 years. Egg rolling is also practiced in countries like the United Kingdom and Germany.

Easter Egg Hunt
Across various countries including the UK, USA, Germany and South Africa, participants celebrate Easter by hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, wherein children are tasked with finding decorated eggs which have been hidden. The eggs themselves can be either decorated hard-boiled chicken eggs, chocolate eggs or artificial eggs.

Water fight
In Poland, Easter is celebrated with a water fight- participants aim to drench one another with buckets of water or with water guns.

Remembrance Walks
In Jerusalem, the town where it is believed that Jesus was crucified, Christians celebrate Good Friday by walking the same path Jesus walked on the day he was nailed to the cross. Some participants also carry a cross in commemoration and recognition of the cross that Jesus carried.

Eating Chocolate Eggs
In previous decades, Easter was commonly celebrated with hard-boiled chicken eggs, but in recent years chocolate eggs have quickly gained popularity.

Floral carpets
Across Guatamala, inhabitants celebrate Easter by carrying religious parades through the town and decorating the streets with intricate carpet-like designs made of sand.

Go fly a Kite
In the island territory of Bermuda, inhabitants celebrate Easter by flying kites on Good Friday. Participants gather on Horseshoes Bay Beach to fly hundreds of colourful kites.

Throwing Pots
In the Greek town of Corfu, inhabitants celebrate Easter by throwing clay pots from their balconies. This practice allegedly dates back to the 16th century.

Italian towns celebrate with a bang-literally. In Florence, a wagon is carried through the streets before being set alight by a mechanical dove; thereby igniting the fireworks within. A religious leader, the archbishop, plays a central role in this tradition, as he is responsible for releasing the mechanical dove.

Burning Effigies
Across many countries in Latin America, including Mexico, festivities include the burning of effigies, theatrical performance and the chance to rid oneself of evil.
Do any of these traditions sound familiar? How do you celebrate Easter?


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