In Celebration of World Egg Day

Since 1996, companies, organisations and individuals from around the globe have celebrated World Egg Day! This annual holiday is an informational and light-hearted reminder of the importance of nutrition and the role that eggs play in nutrition and lifestyles around the world. We are hugely passionate about eggs and are so excited to share more information in celebration of World Egg Day!

The History of World Egg Day

Established at the IEC conference in Vienna, Austria in 1996, World Egg Day has seen incredible growth over its 25 years. World Egg Day is celebrated on the second Friday in October every year. In 2021, World Egg Day will be celebrated on the 08th of October. The theme for the 2021 World Egg Day is “Eggs for all: Nature’s perfect package”. More than 40 countries have celebrated World Egg Day in the past.

The World Egg Organisation’s mission is to promote the egg and its benefits and uses to the world’s population, working alongside non-governmental organisations in both developing and developed countries. The World Egg Organisation works in conjunction with organisations including International Egg Commission (IEC), International Egg Nutrition Centre (IENC), International Egg Foundation (IEF), Egg Processors International (EPI), Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs (GISE), and World Egg Day (WED).

According to the International Egg Organisation, this day aims to honour “the highly nutritious and brilliantly versatile egg, highlighting the vast range of unique benefits it brings to people of all ages.”

Why do People celebrate World Egg Day?

It’s a good question, why do people celebrate World Egg Day and the importance of the humble egg? World Egg Day serves as a reminder of the nutritional and environmental value of the egg and how it can benefit society.
The International Egg Association recognised three main messages to be derived from World Egg Day, namely “nourishing human potential”, “Protecting our planet” and “fostering livelihoods”.

 How can you celebrate World Egg Day?

Celebrants across the world take part by sharing recipes, writing songs, creating informational videos about the nutritional value of eggs and much more! The simplest way to take part is by preparing a delicious egg dish in celebration of World Egg Day! If you take part, snap a photograph and share on social media to take part in the global fun.


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