Strange Egg Recipes

Eggs have been a staple ingredient across many cultures and cuisines for hundreds of years. Within these cuisines, there have been many ways of cooking that have persisted and gained popularity, across cultures and regions. Some preparation methods, however, have remained a bit more uncommon and unusual. Here are some of the egg dishes and snacks that you might not have known about:

Century Eggs

Likely the best-known dish on this list, century eggs have gained notoriety for their remarkable dark brownish colour and lengthy preparation method. Century eggs are prepared by preserving them for many weeks or months, preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, salt and more. This method creates a dark brown exterior, black and slimy filling and distinctive smell, due to high sulphur and ammonia levels.


Dishwasher Eggs

This is definitely not the fastest way or most popular way to prepare an egg, but people have successfully prepared boiled eggs in the dishwasher. This modern recipe is simple, if lengthy. To prepare, simply place eggs in a sealed glass container filled with water, and add them to the dishwasher to go through a cycle of at least one hour, and minimum 60 degrees Celcius.


Tea Eggs

Popular in China as an afternoon or late-night snack, tea eggs have a charming tie-dye pattern and distinctive taste. Tea eggs are made by preparing boiled eggs, cracking them and boiling again in a tea mixture. The tea mixture can also include sauce or spices, and tea eggs are also known as marble eggs.


Iron Egg

A combination of sweet and spicy, iron eggs are stewed in a mix of spices and air dried. These eggs can be prepared with chicken, pigeon or quail eggs and are commonly served as a snack, particularly for workers on the go.

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