Uses for eggshells

In the festive season entertainment and education for basic life experience is always so essential when families come together and this year Lunds are here to give you some tips to reuse those eggshells that we are constantly throwing away. Here is some tips to reuse eggshells.

Utilize eggshells to start indoor seedlings.
Finding a sustainable method for germination of seeds can be challenging in the quest for a plastic-free life and garden.
People used to reuse yogurt cartons and other items like that in the past, but eventually plastic containers degrade and need to be thrown away or recycled. Eggshells won the gardening contest, but there are other eco-friendly planting options, such as clay pots, newspaper pots, gourd shells, and wooden flats. Halfway up the shell, carefully plant your seeds, and watch them grow. Place the eggshells inside the eggshell carton once more to keep them there.

Plant Soil
Crush your eggshells after a filling meal or after creating a wonderful cake, then take them outside right away to the garden!
The eggshells will eventually release calcium as they slowly degrade, which will help aerate the soil and increase water flow. The rate of breakdown increases with the degree of crushing. While you can bury eggshells placed under your tomatoes as you transplant them, occasionally a volunteer tomato plant from the previous season emerges and you want to rescue it. Consider it a survivor and show it extra care and affection. Your tomato plants will benefit from calcium addition as it will aid to prevent blossom-end rotting (not a disease, but a physiological disorder created by a calcium imbalance). Eggshells are also very helpful for your squash, peppers, cabbage, and broccoli for the same reason!

Eggshells can be added to your stock or bone broth.
Adding eggshells is beneficial whether you are making a sizable batch of bone broth or a hearty vegetable stock. Eggshells also contain trace levels of the following minerals, in addition to calcium: Magnesium, Fluoride, Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorus.
Although the flavour won’t change, you’ll notice a nutritional boost!


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